Miguel A. Bernad, S.J.: “Unusual and Ordinary: Biographical Sketches of Some Philippine Jesuits

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Book Review

If you want to know the Jesuits in the Philippines when their numbers worldwide were still at their peak–after the Philippine Revolution of 1898 and before the Vatican Council II in 1968–if you want to know how they live their vows of chastity, poverty, and obedience in the most radical way as demanded by the Gospel, if you want to know what magis is–that Jesuit scorn for what falls short of the best and the most excellent be it in the field of meteorology or scholastic theology–if you want to how they pray the rosary and celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass amidst the most brutal persecutions, then this book by Fr. Bernard S.J. you must read.


Note to the Reader

I.  From Spain

  1. Federico Faura (1840-1897): Typhoons, Earthquakes, Eclipses, and a Visit to Rizal’s Cell
  2. Joaquin Vilallonga (1868-1963): The Eyes and Ears of the Pope
  3. Manuel Peypoch, Martyr (1870-1936): Manila Slums, Bilibid Prison, and a Cave in Manressa

II.  From America

  1. John F. Hurley (1892-1967): Inspired Leader
  2. James T. G. Hayes (1889-1980): Missionary Bishop
  3. Carl W. J. Hausmann (1898-1945): Greek Classics, Culion Leprs, and a Japanese Prison Ship
  4. Arthur F. Shea (1905-2001): Dante at the Canyon’s Edge
  5. Joseph A. Mulry (1889-1945): Founder of Social Justice Movement
  6. Theodore E. Daigler (1904-1998): Aesthetics on Mount Apo
  7. Joseph Bittner (1905-1998): Missionary of Mindanao
  8. John Krebs (1934-2004): Gentle Giant
  9. John V. McFadden (1905-1980): Tribute to an Undistinguished Priest

III.  From Italy

  1. Giuseppe Raviolo (1923-1998): Theological Seminary in Cagayan de Oro
  2. Luigi Moggi (1917-2004): Polyglot and Holy Priest

IV.  Filipino Jesuits

  1. Pacifico A. Ortiz (1913-1983): University of the Philippines chaplain, Ateneo de Manila University President, and Constitutional Convention delegate
  2. Isaias X. Edralin (1895-1974): Knights of Columbus, Japanese Prisoner, and Preacher to Augustinians
  3. James Cawley (1907-1989): Breaking New Ground
  4. Rodolfo Cabonce (1906-1982): Apostolic Lexicographer
  5. Luis Pacquing (1898-1990): Ilocano Cigars, Mindanao Missions, and the Ateneo Grade School
  6. Antonio M. Cuna (1920-2001): Glee Club, Days with the Lord, and Marriage Encounters
  7. Agustin Consunji (1891-1943): Culion Leper Colony, Japanese Prisoner of War
  8. Teodoro Arvisu (1920-1957): Military Medals in Bataan, Death March, and Arvisu House

V.  Funeral Homilies

  1. Henry L. Irwin (1892-1976): Shakespearean Theatre
  2. Francisco Araneta (1918-2006): Culture and Linguistics, Student Activism, Burying the Dead
  3. Agatonico Montero (1908-1997): US Military Chaplain, Director of Arvisu House, Spiritual Exercises
  4. Teodoro Arvisu (1920-1957): Pig-Pen Trial, Daily Eucharist and Confession

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2 Responses to Miguel A. Bernad, S.J.: “Unusual and Ordinary: Biographical Sketches of Some Philippine Jesuits

  1. ildefonso esguerra jr says:

    where can i buy the book? how much does it cost?

  2. Quirino M. Sugon Jr says:

    Hi Ildefonso,

    Check out the Jesuit bookstores in Loyola House of Studies. Maybe there is also a copy in Ateneo University Press. If you live around Ateneo, I can lend you my copy. I stay at Manila Observatory.

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