Tridentine Mass at Divine Mercy Church in Sikatuna, Quezon City


Last Sunday, my friend and I decided to hear a Tridentine mass at the Divine Mercy Church in Sikatuna, Quezon City.  It was more than an hour of travel for both of us: she came from Novaliches; I came from Makati.  We met at the St. Joseph’s Shrine in the corner of Anonas Street and Aurora Boulevard in Quezon City.

I waited for her at the church’s basement in the Adoration Chapel, where people sat on the benches or knelt at the pews to pray.  After kneeling for a few minutes in prayer, I sat on the last row gazing at the Blessed Sacrament behind glass walls.  On my left are some statues.  The one closest is the Statue of The Sacred Heart of Jesus beside the portrait of Our Lady of Guadalupe.    Behind the statues is a glass wall separating us from people outside standing silently in prayer before rows of lighted candles.  One person limped forward with a cane.  Another left with head bowed in grief.  I closed my eyes.

I felt a tap on my shoulder.  “You have slept,” a voice said.

I opened my eyes.  It was my friend.  Maybe I really slept.  She knelt down to pray.

“Did you bring your beautiful veil,” I asked her when we left the chapel.

“No, it is too big,” she said.  “I found something smaller.”

And she showed me  a laced veil large enough to cover her head and shoulders.  Her white veil matched her white dress.  Had she not put on her knitted, gray sweater, she would look like a girl dressed for her first communion.  Or a woman for her wedding.


We rode a tricycle at Anonas Street and stopped at a corner  leading to the church.  The Divine Mercy church stands blue and gray amidst a road strewn with stone barrels and rock fragments.  I ditch is being dug.  I paid the P 30.00 fare and we got off.

We entered the church.  We dipped our fingers into the holy water font held by an angel and made the sign of the cross with bent knees.  Most of the women wore veils.  So my friend wore hers.  We found an empty pew on the right side in front of the tabernacle and beside the statue of Pope St. Gregory the Great.  We sat.

I gazed around.  Many used missals.  Others even have missals with Gregorian chant musical neumes–those little square boxes drawn rising and falling against four horizontal lines to indicate the pitch and duration of chant syllables.  I forgot to bring the 17-page missal I downloaded from the internet.  I used it a year ago when I tried my first Tridentine mass.  I loved this mass, though this is only my third time, for it is too far from my parish.  But I am glad that this time I brought a friend.

The mass began.  The priest wore purple chasuble with white laces.  The four old sacristans wore black with white laces; the four little ones (barely four years old) wore red with white laces.  At the stomp of the feet from a senior sacristan, these little ones would kneel or walk while carrying the candles.  They are too young to be boy scouts, yet these little boys are liturgically precise.  They are serious.

The readings were read by the deacon and the gospel were read by a priest.  Then the priest reads both the readings and the Gospel in English.

I self-studied some basic Latin and could understand the Latin sentences in my missal when I read them by sight.  But since I have no missal, I could hardly catch the priest’s words.  But I know now a few since the priest keeps repeating them:

“Dominus vobiscum,” the priest said.

“Et cum espiritu tuo,” the congregation responded.

“Per omnia saecula saeculorum,” the priest said.


I closed my eyes when I smelled the waft of incense.  I closed my eyes when I heard the choir sing the chants of angels.  I closed my eyes when the priest raised the body and blood of Christ. I wish to see, smell, and hear these beautiful things more clearly and savor them while they last.  I closed my eyes.

When the mass ended, the sacristan passed us by while he rang the little bells.  One note resonated in my ears that it seemed prolonged to eternity. I closed my eyes.  This is heaven.

If I were to be married someday, I would wish it to be in this mass.


Note: The Tridentine Mass in Philippines in general and in the Divine Mercy Church in particular is described by Gerald in his prodeoetpatria blog.

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13 Responses to Tridentine Mass at Divine Mercy Church in Sikatuna, Quezon City

  1. nathalie says:

    Hello, its nice to hear that you’ve attended the TLM in Sikatuna. You and your might be interested to join the choir too. :)

  2. chiness says:

    Yes, I agree! Just approach anyone on the choir loft, or the cantors. We’d be glad to have you and your friend.

  3. Quirino M. Sugon Jr says:

    Thanks for the offer, Nathalie and Chiness. It has been a while since we went to a TLM mass, because it is far for both of us. But I’ll try to drop by this month to meet you. See you.

  4. Hi Everyone,

    Does anyone here know how I will be able to get in touch with Rev. Fr. Michel Joe Zerrudo? I have to discuss something very urgent with him.

    Additionally, when will be the next Tridentine Mass at Divine Mercy Church in Sikatuna, Quezon City?

    Please advise. I have placed my e-mail in the appropriate field. I am a Scorpio born in the year 1980, by the way.

  5. Quirino M. Sugon Jr says:

    Hi Jose,
    Fr. Jojo Zerrudo has a website: You may contact him by posting a comment there.

  6. Glenn Gallana says:


    I love the Tridentine mass too. From the very first time I attended it I feel home. It’s just like a click- I’m home.

    But how sad this mass is not appealing to almost of diocesan priests. They have many excuses about the mass and even criticize it during homily.

    All of my attendance of the mass is offered by SSPX priests except the one time when I learned that a diocesan priest in Bohol, Fr. Skelton would also offer such kind of mass.

    It would be long if I’m going to tell my experience, but this I say, we have the same feelings with this mass.


  7. Belle Magat says:

    Please let me know today, Saturday, Jan. 21, as to what time the Tridentine Mass will be tomorrow, Jan.22
    is celebrated. I am a balikbayan from US and above all, i missed all the catholic religious practices
    my friends and i had like going to Tridentine Mass on Sundays, Precious Blood of Jesus Devotion on
    Thursdays @11Pm until 3 Am and the daily mass of many hours being offered in different churches
    in Virginia. I was surprised at the religiousity of Americans and also the Filipinos as well. What with
    the all night First Fridays Vigils, 2,000 Hail Mary’s and you name the devotion, they also got it.
    Upon returning in Quezon City, i was surprised that daily mass are scarce, First Friday vigil is out,
    Precious Blood Devotion is unknown. I thought Filipinos are more religious than Americans, the latter
    having fast lane life.
    Anyway, please let me know about the Tridentine Mass sched in your church because the Tridentine
    mass is very pleasing to God and it is music to His ears as the Tridentine Latin is deemed a universal
    language for the Catholic Mass.

  8. Quirino M. Sugon Jr says:

    Hi Belle,

    There is no more TLM in Sikatuna, because Fr. Jojo Zerrudo was transferred to another place. Your best bet for Sunday would be a TLM at the Shrine of St. Therese at Villamor Airbase. The mass is held at 9 pm at the church basement. In Ateneo de Manila University, we shall have a TLM on Thu, Jan 26, 6-7 pm at the Oratory of St. Ignatius in Loyola House of Studies. The priest celebrant is Fr. Tim Ofrasio, SJ.

  9. Josephine Pereira says:


    I am looking for a parishioner by the name of Anthony Belzunce.His wife’s name is Baby.
    They were my foster parents when I was in the Philippines in 1995 for the World Youth Day.I lost contact with them as I had shifted houses several times after leaving High School.
    I would appreciate it if you could contact me.Thank you.

  10. Quirino M. Sugon Jr says:


    Please contact Fr. Jojo Zerrudo: If he attended Latin Mass in Sikatuna before, Fr. Jojo may know her.

  11. Josephine Pereira says:

    Thank you for the assisstance & God Bless!

  12. Martina Lee says:

    Hi.. I would like to invite you to hear mass at Our Lady of Victories church in Betty go Belmonte street and canon road in QC.. Its a traditional church.. Everyday TLM at 6:30am and 9:00 am / 6pm on Sundays.
    Here’s the website: Our Lady of Victories Church

  13. Quirino M. Sugon Jr says:

    Hi Martina,

    Yes, I visited Our Lady of Victories before for a few times, but it is far from my place. I’ll try to visit there again. I may also find another good book in the bookstore there.

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