My New Age Background Before My Encounter With Our Lady of Guadalupe

When I was in college, I once visited the National Bookstore in Katipunan hoping to find some bargains on books by Tuesday Lobsang Rampa, Zechariah Sitchin, Jaime Licauco, and Carlos Castaneda.  I have read their books and I hunger for more.

Lobsang Rampa‘s “Cave of the Ancients” tells of relics of an advanced civilization hidden in a cave: a perpetual light source and some sort of movie of the bygone years.  If I remember right, it discusses Kirlian photography—how to see the human aura.  The book also tells that Jesus is only a wise man and there are records that says he learned his teachings by journeying outside Judea—probably in India or Tibet.

Zechariah Sitchin‘s “12th Planet” claims that according to ancient Sumerian records, the human race were made by aliens visiting the earth through advanced space crafts, and that these aliens are the Nephilims in the book of Genesis.

Jaime Licauco‘s “True Encounters with the Unknown” recounts the many paranormal phenomena in the Philippines: psychic surgery and faith healing, reincarnation and walk-in spirits,  Mt. Banahaw and Sto. Ninos.  The book claims that there are highly evolved ascended masters who will teach us secret knowledge such as those found in the Gnostic gospels.

Carlos Castaneda‘s “Journey to Ixtlan” talks about the author’s journey with a Yaqui Indian named Don Juan who can change his appearance and shape to that of coyote, eagle, or another man.  Don Juan told him about the Unknowable and the Unknown.  The Unknown is the refuge of the Indians during the Spanish colonization when Christianity was imposed.  In the Unknown lies a separate reality that can only be achieved by first learning to focus on the shadows instead of leaves.

As you can see, I am not a New Age practitioner.  I have no out-of-body experiences, no signs of past life, no contact with other spirits.  I do not use tarot cards, crystal balls, and dowsing sticks.  I am only a New Age reader.  The lure of New Age for me is secret knowledge or “gnosis”, the knowledge that my Catholic Faith has deprived me, or so I thought.

II. My Encounter With Our Lady of Guadalupe: “Somewhere I have never travelled” by e. e. cummings
III. Book Review: Handbook on Guadalupe
IV. Biblical Iconography of Guadalupe
V. Rediscovery of My Catholic Faith

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